Already involved in litigation and can’t seem to find anyhandshake middle ground?

      Mediation is the process by which you and your attorney meet with a mediator, and the opposing party in the ongoing dispute which you unfortunately find yourself in. You don’t have to be in litigation to come to an agreement in mediation, but oftentimes that has already begun. It is an attempt to come to an agreement without dragging everyone through the harrowing experience of trial and judgment. During mediation, you will never be required to agree to anything, and it is completely voluntary unless ordered by the Court in your litigation. Keep in mind, that mediation is even more important and ideal where there must be a continuing relationship between the parties in your case, as is often the case in Divorce, Child Custody, and Child Support issues. Even in business, agreements can be beneficial to ensure that a continued business relationship may continue. Starting litigation or active litigation is not necessary to start a mediation session with parties that you have legal issues that need resolving, and mediating before such litigation starts can create far more compromise because it avoids the emotional and financial stress that is involved in litigation.

      No matter the conflict or issue, I have found there is always room for compromise, and I have an extraordinary amount of success in reaching this compromise. Mediation is an excellent method of simult-aneously getting the relief you require with-out the massive expense and heart ache associated with long, drawn out full-length litigation. Studies have shown that parties in civil litigation and in the Court systems are happier with the results of mediation than they are with ordinary trial and litigation. This is because you have control over the outcome, but you have to make the call to do mediation in the first place. As a certified mediator in Tennessee, I can help you get to the light at the end of the tunnel faster. Talk to your attorney today about mediation, and get yourself to a more agreeable outcome faster, less expensively, and emotionally less taxing.