About Christopher Belford


images-2Belford Law LogoMy name is Christopher Belford. I am the Attorney here at Belford Law. In addition to this, and perhaps more importantly, I am an United States Air Force Veteran, a Mediator, and family man with three beautiful daughters. I appreciate you looking to Belford Law for your legal needs. As an attorney, I am well known for my professionalism and my candor. I will tell you what you need to know and advise you accordingly. You will not get a sugar-coated, money seeking, attorney here. I have an IQ of 130, in the 98th percentile of the entire population, so you can be assured that you are getting good advice from a capable attorney. If you hire me, you will get a knowledgable and dedicated attorney who considers quality more important than quantity in the cases I take, because that is how the best and most appropriate goals for your case are reached.
I know what real life is like for most people. It isn’t easy, and is filled with obstacles. I have personal experience with tragedy and the ills that face everyday people in today’s world. Instead of trying to hide these problems, I use this experience to fuel my arguments for my clients, making it easier for others to see their story and empathize with their position, increasing the chances of a favorable result. A hard worker having employment steadily since I was fifteen, you know you’re getting an attorney who understands that the amount of work put in to something is directly correlated to the desired result. After completing four years in the military I began working as a manager for a nationwide healthcare services contractor, teaching me skills to both organize and present your case. These experiences also taught me the negotiating skills to help even the most down-trodden client see light at the end of their tunnel. Shortly after I began this endeavor, I realized I wanted to help people more than I could in either the armed forces or in healthcare. So I attended and graduated with honors from the University of Tennessee, majoring in Sociology with a Concentration in Criminal Justice, which gives this attorney the background to further empathize and attack your case with both understanding and competency. I followed that with a legal education from the Duncan School of Law, a school that has won remarkable compliments from professionals in the legal field all over East Tennessee.

When you’re looking for legal help, you’re looking for guidance through tough times. Guiding people through these problems is what I do. There are at least two sides to every story, and it is my job to tell yours. Consultations are free but also invaluable, as they allow you make an informed decision as to how you want to approach your situation, and I work with my clients to help them achieve their goals and sometimes even more, no matter what area of law you need help in or what your financial situation is. Even if I can’t personally help you, I’ll be happy and honored to help you find the assistance to defend yourself, protect your rights, and perhaps start something new in your life.*

Call the office to set up your consultation: 865-282-3058. You can also contact us here, and I’ll be happy to speak with you in either format, but remember the best advice is the advice you and I get from a personal consultation, as it allows you to gauge more accurately whether you’re talking to the attorney you want to represent you. 

*Disclaimer:  Neither visiting www.belfordlaw.com or having a consultation with the attorney forms an attorney-client relationship. While confidentiality of any communications between prospective clients and the attorney are protected, representation of clients does not commence until the Representation Agreement/Fee Agreement have been signed by both the client and the attorney.